Data Subject Access Automation Platform

Pirvatica saves your time and resources by the automation of execution Data Subject Requests under GDPR.

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Do not waste your time on Data Subject Access Requests

With the help of AI, our platform allows you to collect data stored in your and your partners' databases and to fulfill a client’s request automatically. You only have to confirm the action.


Email is NOT a secure mean of communication when it comes to Data Subject Access Requests

We provide a simple and secure data request form for your customers. With our solution, the request will be fulfilled quickly, clearly and safely.

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Running on public or private cloud

Privatica is designed for easy integration with external applications and allows you to easily manage your data in Google Cloud, AWS and other services.

Control of personal data

Easily find personal data across multiple systems and execute data subject access requests from your customers.

Management of data held by third parties

A single place to monitor and manage your data stored by the vendors you work with.

Convenient and secure data request form

The simple and intuitive interface of the data request form, fast and safe processing of the request from your customers.

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